Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Resistance 2!

First-person shooter with really big enemies!

Resistance 2 is a PlayStation three exclusive and is developed by insomniac games. This is a sequel to the original best-selling game resistance: fall of Man which was a launch title for the PlayStation three. Resistance two retails for around $49.99-$59. 99 depending on the retailer and current specials. Although I never played the original title I was still excited to give this title a try out.

Presentation: The very opening fmv has a decent explanation for exactly what is going on in my eyes. I have not played the first one so I could only go with what the video said. Overall I think it gives a decent explanation to people who have not played the first one and makes it easy for newcomers to enjoy the game. They really enforce the point of an epic invasion that also adds to the enjoyment of the overall feel of the game. I really think they give a good presentation .. although it could probably use some more explanation from newcomers. (8of9 Tails. Overall a good presentation from what I've played.)

Graphics: I found the graphics to be very nice and pleasing to the eyes. I heard a lot of people say that it actually had terrible graphics on the various different message boards. I really don't know what they're talking about as the graphics are pretty good. The water looks really nice and so do some of the environmental effects. This was evident in one of the levels where a convoy is ambushed by the Chimera and everything fills up with smoke from the exploding vehicles. It looks really nice and transitions into a very nice looking forest filled with predator like enemies.
(9of9 Tails. Despite being flat in some areas the graphics look very well done and are quite enjoyable to the eyes. I also like the massive backgrounds.)

Sound: I thought the sound was exceptional and it and constantly had my surround system shaking my walls. There is a lot going on which also makes good use of my system. I thought everything sounded like it should and was a very enjoyable experience. (9of9 everything sounds like it should. )

Replayability: it has a good story mode which I think has a decent length of time. After you beat the single player campaign there is online corporate missions. I played a few of these missions and it was a lot of fun talking to other people while we were doing the mission with a USB microphone. The multiplayer adds considerable replayability to the game. There is also a competitive mode which is like most first person shooter games with capture the flag etc. it has a decent amount of replayability with levels to earn better weapons like in COD4/5. (9of9 Tails. it has very good replayability and gives you your money's worth in my opinion.)

Controls: Has a similar control scheme to the game gears of war minus the cover button. Switching weapons is very easy and all the other functions are nicely spread out on a regular controller. For my controller I had to make use of all 17 switches to play. It's a very nice control schematic but I wish I didn't have to use both joysticks and the digital pad together. This doesn't apply to the regular gamer and is just a complaint I have. (9of9 Tails. To me this is a nearly perfect control scheme and most people will really enjoy it. )

Closing comments: this is a wonderful game to play and is definitely worth renting if not actually purchasing it to enjoy for many months. It's also a good reason to own a PlayStation 3. I will definitely check out the first one and express my opinions on it at a later date. You definitely must check this game out if you have a PlayStation three gaming console. The boss fights are quite enjoyable and interesting to say the least.(9of9 it's an incredibly enjoyable game and anybody who is a fan of video games should definitely check it out. I love this game a considerable amount.)


  1. Kitsune,

    I have a spinal muscular atrophy, which also limits my range of motion and my ability to use any controllers. I have been gaming all of my life, but obviously, many games today require greater use of the controller. I saw your setup and was wondering who built it? I tried to get someone to take a controller apart to see if I can make buttons somewhere else, but they could not. I'm sure you can appreciate how awesome it would be if you could point me in the right direction so that I can also get a customized controller for my PS3/X360. Cheers!

    You can contact me at dan@webbarn.ca

  2. I will send you all the information you would need to get one built. Let's get you back into the game. I had to think of a lot of ideas for positioning things as well. I will work with you for any ideas you could possibly need. Also my controller is usable on the PlayStation three and Xbox 360 with a specially made Xbox360 adapter.