Saturday, January 31, 2009

update about an upcoming surprise.

I have yet to receive it and am hoping to get it by this Friday.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

a really quick update about resistance 2 and its accessibility.

It is one of the most accessible PlayStation three video games because you can remap every single function to any key that you want.  Which makes it easier for me to set up and change as needed during the game! just wanted to share this tidbit with any disabled video gamers or nondisabled video gamers who do not already know this.

Call of duty: world at war......II yet again......

I believe this is the fifth game in the series Call of Duty: World at War is a first-person shooter game, developed by Treyarch and published by Activision.  You can purchase it for $39.99- $59.99 depending on where you shop.  it takes place in the Pacific theater and the Eastern front towards the end of the war.

Presentation: The cut scenes are really nice and progress the story at a decent pace.  The entire setting and brutality is portrayed very well and really gets you into the mood. the opening cut scene shows you just how brutal the Japanese  could be in World War II.   Although not perfect everything is done well and in a coherent way. (8of9 tails. close to perfection but not quite.)

Graphics:   For the most part the graphics are crisp, clean and enjoyable.  on a few dozen occasions I noticed more than acceptable amount of jaggies and some pixelation problems. there were a couple of scenes that actually ruined the experience because of this. But that's only approximately 5% of the entire game.   My favorite part was running across an open field while a plane was crashing and combating  armored vehicles.  The special effects in this particular scene more really nice especially the smoke effects.(8of9 tails.  The graphics are excellent but not perfect and could have used just a little more work in certain areas.)

Sound: This is where the game excels. it is under my impression that the PlayStation three version supports seven channel sound. Everything in the game sounds absolutely amazing to me and just how it should. The explosions are big, the gunfire is noisy and the voices are great.  If you have a surround sound system that supports seven channels you are in for a treat! (9of9 tails. A wonderful soundtrack and use of sound. )

Controls:  There is really not much to say about the controls. They are pretty much identical to the controls of its predecessor call of duty four. You can adjust the sensitivity of the joysticks and she used to invert them if needed.

 (7of9 tails.  They need to make  better use of less buttons. for instance doing more things like when you hold a button it does one thing and when you tap it real quick it does in other action. More games need to do things like this for different games.  This would make games so much more accessible and it would be nice if they could make custom control styles or at least have every game let you remap every single possible key like in resistance two.)

Replayability:  You can level up your character, unlock achievements/trophies, build up your stats and generally socialize with other players. These should keep you busy for at least a few weeks. (6of9 tails if you're not into first-person shooter games this is not a very good choice for you. if you're really into first-person shooters and statistics this will keep you busy for a long time. )

Closing comments:  Although this is a very well made first-person shooter game and a slightly different setting than what we're used to.... it is still once again World War II. I find this setting has become monotonous and everything you could possibly do has been done.  the company did a good job on this game and it is actually enjoyable.  I really think this marks the end of the World War II first-person shooter games  and we can all move on are good. It's worth checking out if you're a first-person shooter fanatic otherwise you will be bored if you've played the other World War II series.  I look forward to call of duty five and the suggested futuristic setting more in line with call of duty four ( 7of9 tails. A good game in the series, but anything related to World War II has become quite stale to me.  it's a definite rental before purchase.)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I promise!

I promise to have one review every week on Friday from this point on.

Solid snake + Gimp Snake = good times.

This is my review of one of the best games ever created that actually has a useful feature for physically limited players! (Explained in the control's rating.) Hideo Kojima has created another masterpiece in a long-running series. The game is developed and published by Konami. It can be found for $40 all the way up to $50 depending on where you shop. Now let's get to the review shall we?

Presentation: The game has some lengthy cut scenes that are just as good as a Hollywood movie , sometimes more so than others. The graphics are crisp and fitting to the setting. If you like good stories and interesting characters you will love this game. The tone of the game is set perfectly in the opening scenes. Even if you are not familiar with the other games it does a decent job although not perfectly of filling you in as you go. (9of9 tails. The game really gets you into it with its excellent cut scenes. )

Graphics: The graphics are excellent and top-notch, especially for a game of this caliber. It has good lighting effects, smoke affects and just about everything else you can think of. Nothing is ever too dark or too light (at least on my television.) Everything seems to be detailed and that's just how it should. I give this another perfect score because of just how nice the graphics look even outside of lovely cut scenes. (9of9 tails. It really doesn't get any better than this and really shows off the power of the PlayStation three.)

Sound: this game supports seven channel surround sound and sounds excellent when turned up really loud. It really sounds like a war zone and the people sound very lifelike and have excellent voice acting which is better than normal. The various vehicles and helicopters make use of my sound system to the point of being told to turn it down! (9of9 tails. Excellent use of the 7.1 surround sound and pleasant to the ears.)

Replayability: after you beat the game for the first time you can always go through it for more points and money for items to have fun with. one item in particular you will have to beat the game multiple times to obtain. You can approach the game differently the second time through an overall it's a lot of fun to play multiple times. (9of9 tails. You really get your money's worth with this game and metal gear online.)

Controls: this game has controls that are similar to a game like gears of war/resistance so has the general first-person shooter set up. The controls are fluid and not too difficult to work for me. The one feature I like that is good for the disabled is an auto aim feature that works 90% of the time and makes aiming much easier for people with limited mobility. I don't think this was intentional but it's beneficial to people with limitations. I wish they would include this feature in every game that requires aiming precisely. This feature can be turned on and off by pushing the square button. (9of9 Tails. Excellent control scheme that really is not overly complicated and also has an unintentional benefit to people with limited mobility.)

Closing comments: this is a wonderful game made by a wonderful game creator Hideo Kojima ! if you own a PlayStation three you definitely must check this masterpiece about. It is a wonderful game, with wonderful graphics and amazing sound. Everything about the game to me was close to perfection in an absolute joy to play. This game is only second to my love of final fantasy which will always be my favorite. This game is one of the best ever created and deserves to be in everybody's collection of games. (9of9 Tails. As close to perfection as any game could get!)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

an explanation for the lack of activity

The holidays have kept me very busy and one of my really good friends died the day after Christmas . I apologize for such a lack of activity and will do my best to get at least one review per week. I hope that you all understand and I will get back into the groove starting today. Thanks again for your continued patronage and support!