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Evolution and creativity

SPORE is a game from Maxis and distributed by electronic arts. It retails for about $30-$50 depending on where you shop.

Presentation: The overall look and feel of the game is kept constant and overall and generally enjoyable. I thought that some of the different stages could have used a little more visual flair and better sound effects. The game is basically like five miniature games built into one. Control scheme is accessible to just about any kind of player with just about any kind of limitations. This is not a game for hard-core players but it is more for players that just want to mess around and create things while having some fun. (7of9 Tails. it gets its point across but could have been done a little better in my opinion.)

Graphics: The graphics are decent but nothing spectacular or revolutionary. they seem to fit the overall feel of the game but may come off as a little bit too cute for some gamers. I do not think that the animations were that vary for such a game that emphasizes customizability. The customizability options are varied enough to create most of what you want but I think it was somewhat lacking in the texture department. (7of9. It has good graphics but nowhere near spectacular.)

Sound: the sounds are pretty generic in my opinion and seemed to have had the least amount of effort poured into them. Nothing really caught my ear or was even particularly that interesting. The music is nothing to write home about and seems to be not that greatly thought out. (5of9. They just did not put that much effort into the score and thus deserve a low score for this category.)

Replayability: if you enjoy making countless creations of different species, buildings and ships this game will keep you occupied for quite a while. The more hard-core gamers might get bored with this game quickly and look elsewhere for entertainment. This game is not worth more casual relaxation and killing some time while having fun. I just don't think this game has enough to keep the majority of gamers actually busy with high interest but it is still a good game. (7of9. Unless you like to create this game will not be played that often or enjoyed as much.)

Controls: the controls are extremely simplified and can be effectively used with only the mouse to do just about everything. It's a very enjoyable control scheme and is extremely accessible to people with limited mobility and the need for switch interface controls. As simple as the controls are I think they fit the game and are an actual strength of the game. (9of9 tails.)

Closing comments: for many many years this game was overhyped and supposed to be one of the greatest games ever created. With all the DRM and asinine activation restrictions it really hurt the sales of this game. although it sold decently would have sold a lot better if these asinine restrictions had not existed to begin with. Overall it's a good game for casual gamers that will not keep most hard-core gamers interest more than a few days. if you want something that's good for killing time and creating objects you should definitely check this out. (6of9 Tails. It could have been much better in a lot of ways but still an average game worth checking out.)

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New content

Three new reviews next week.

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A slightly late review and a bonus!

Tales of Vesperia is a role-playing game and was developed by Namco Tales Studios. It was published by Namco Bandai games and retails for $59.99-$49.99 depending on the retailer you choose to shop at.

Presentation: Everything looks coherent 90% of the time except for a few bland areas and scenes. The characters have good personalities as well as interaction with each other. The voices sound the way they should in my opinion. It's fairly easy to navigate the city's and towns to find work to go to next. It conveys the anime style very well. (8of9 Tails. A good presentation of this series in my opinion and enjoyable.)

Graphics: I found this style of graphics to be quite enjoyable and they look absolutely beautiful most of the time . Sometimes they look a little bland in a few places but generally it looks like a comic book/manga. The character designs are excellent and look marvelous in my opinion. There are usually a lot of special effects going on on the screen and generally looks good to the eyes. They could have maybe put a little more effort into the overworld map in my opinion to make the game look even better. (8of9 Tails. Although not perfect in some areas this is a beautiful game to enjoy and if you are an anime lover you will enjoy this even more.)

Sound: The opening music is very well done by a singer known as Bonnie Pink/Kaori Asada and tries to set the tone for the game. The music is quite enjoyable and the sound effects are generally decent enough. The voices are excellent for the most part and do not hurt your ears like I have found most English voice acting does to me as of late. Only complaint I have is a little bit of the text is not voice acted when you're running around towns. This is no big deal at all just slightly nitpicking. (9of9 Tails. Excellent sound and enjoyable music.)

Replayability: There are a few secret missions to do, extra costumes to give her the characters and other bonuses for you to unlock. After you beat the game for the first time you unlock a special mode to replay again. You will get your money's worth just flying through it once but if you want to see everything and get every little item there is a lot of replayability to the game. (7of9 Tails. Could use a little more incentive for playing through it once.)

Controls: The controls are good but can get a little bit repetitive in the battles. The attacks look nice and are decently varied but maybe come repetitive to any newcomers to the role-playing game genre. (7of9 Tails. Very good and fluid controls but slightly repetitive. Don't get me wrong it is a great control scheme but a little monotonous sometimes.)

Closing comments: This is probably the best game in the series and any fan of role-playing games would be doing a great disservice not to play this game. Everything about it is wonderful and enjoyable with a great presentation. You definitely should not miss this gem of a game if you own an Xbox 360. (8of9 Tails. This is a great role-playing game and definitely worth checking out.)


Resident evil 5 JP Demo was released December 5th in japan and is downloadable to EU,USA on the net. The graphics have improved ten fold and look amazing on my 1080p television. Great lighting and enviroment.

There are four control schemes A,B,C and D. A is identical to re4 controls. B&C mix new &old.
D is the new setup. I found D to be HORRIBLE, strafe=left analog turn=right. I'll stick with old A style.

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Resistance 2!

First-person shooter with really big enemies!

Resistance 2 is a PlayStation three exclusive and is developed by insomniac games. This is a sequel to the original best-selling game resistance: fall of Man which was a launch title for the PlayStation three. Resistance two retails for around $49.99-$59. 99 depending on the retailer and current specials. Although I never played the original title I was still excited to give this title a try out.

Presentation: The very opening fmv has a decent explanation for exactly what is going on in my eyes. I have not played the first one so I could only go with what the video said. Overall I think it gives a decent explanation to people who have not played the first one and makes it easy for newcomers to enjoy the game. They really enforce the point of an epic invasion that also adds to the enjoyment of the overall feel of the game. I really think they give a good presentation .. although it could probably use some more explanation from newcomers. (8of9 Tails. Overall a good presentation from what I've played.)

Graphics: I found the graphics to be very nice and pleasing to the eyes. I heard a lot of people say that it actually had terrible graphics on the various different message boards. I really don't know what they're talking about as the graphics are pretty good. The water looks really nice and so do some of the environmental effects. This was evident in one of the levels where a convoy is ambushed by the Chimera and everything fills up with smoke from the exploding vehicles. It looks really nice and transitions into a very nice looking forest filled with predator like enemies.
(9of9 Tails. Despite being flat in some areas the graphics look very well done and are quite enjoyable to the eyes. I also like the massive backgrounds.)

Sound: I thought the sound was exceptional and it and constantly had my surround system shaking my walls. There is a lot going on which also makes good use of my system. I thought everything sounded like it should and was a very enjoyable experience. (9of9 everything sounds like it should. )

Replayability: it has a good story mode which I think has a decent length of time. After you beat the single player campaign there is online corporate missions. I played a few of these missions and it was a lot of fun talking to other people while we were doing the mission with a USB microphone. The multiplayer adds considerable replayability to the game. There is also a competitive mode which is like most first person shooter games with capture the flag etc. it has a decent amount of replayability with levels to earn better weapons like in COD4/5. (9of9 Tails. it has very good replayability and gives you your money's worth in my opinion.)

Controls: Has a similar control scheme to the game gears of war minus the cover button. Switching weapons is very easy and all the other functions are nicely spread out on a regular controller. For my controller I had to make use of all 17 switches to play. It's a very nice control schematic but I wish I didn't have to use both joysticks and the digital pad together. This doesn't apply to the regular gamer and is just a complaint I have. (9of9 Tails. To me this is a nearly perfect control scheme and most people will really enjoy it. )

Closing comments: this is a wonderful game to play and is definitely worth renting if not actually purchasing it to enjoy for many months. It's also a good reason to own a PlayStation 3. I will definitely check out the first one and express my opinions on it at a later date. You definitely must check this game out if you have a PlayStation three gaming console. The boss fights are quite enjoyable and interesting to say the least.(9of9 it's an incredibly enjoyable game and anybody who is a fan of video games should definitely check it out. I love this game a considerable amount.)

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Next review

it should be ready by tomorrow to let everybody know.

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Next reviews

The next reviews to come in the next two weeks are Resistance two, Tales of Vesperia and either Fable II or Prince of Persia. Please stay tuned for more improved reviews!

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this seems Oddly familiar...

Hack n Slash + Sniping catgirl = fun

Heavenly sword is a PlayStation three exclusive and was developed by ninja theory and distributed by Sony computer entertainment of America. It was released in September of 2007. you can get it for anywhere from $25- $50 depending on where you shop.

Presentation: The game starts towards the end of the game for over two minutes and then goes into a scene that eventually leads to the beginning of the game. It explains the story fairly well in the opening chapters. Everything looks great and sounds great for the most part. decent voice acting except for a couple characters which come off as annoying but it's fitting to their character. overall a good presentation of the story and overall art style. (8of9 tails.)

Graphics: From the very beginning of the game the graphics look superb minus a few issues with jagged edges in a couple scenes. Although there are some simple environments during certain points in the game they look wonderful. The lighting and the objects look like they should and are generally shiny. The beginning of the second chapter with the waterfalls looks exceptionally nice. Overall the graphics are generally superb and quite enjoyable even when there are jaggies. (8of9 Tails. Very minor graphic bugs)

Sound: The sounds are pretty generic and really nothing to write home about. Everything sounds like you would think it would all be it generic. The music is nice and very fitting to the overall theme of the storyline. (7of9 Tails. fairly generic sound with great music.)

Replayability: Once you complete the game there is really not much else to do afterwards other than try to unlock all the artwork. Would have been nice to have some kind of a multiplayer feature or some kind of co-op set of missions to do. This is the weak point of the game and the only thing that really is a major drawback to purchasing it. It's a definite rental for sure and if possible buy. (6of9 Tails. No real replayability)

Controls: The controls are pretty basic but enjoyable to use nonetheless. everything is pretty much configured in a way that requires not that much effort to master. I found counterattacks to be easy to pull off as well as using the digital pad for controlling the after-touch effect. It's a good thing that the six axis functions were optional and not forced upon the user. This makes the game a lot more accessible to disabled gamers. You can get away with using only the right analog stick and d-pad. The difficulty is not too hard nor is it too easy. I absolutely love the control scheme to this game and find it to be extremely accessible. 9of9 Tails. Excellent control scheme)

Closing comments: Heavenly sword is a great game and everybody should play it at least once or you would be doing yourselfa great disservice. The visuals are top-notch and quite pleasing to the eyes. I think the voice work was excellent and better than most games I have recently experienced. Soundtrack is fitting to the overall theme of the game and enjoyable. I can't say that it is a definite buy but it is a definite rental to see if you like it enough to buy it. (7.5of9 Tails. Not the greatest game ever been made but it is a great game overall. Definitely worth checking out.)

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happy Thanksgiving

happy Thanksgiving everybody and please look forward to the next review this Friday. The holidays have made me kind of busy and I apologize for the lack of updates.

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a series of unfortunate events...

Due to unforeseen circumstances the review has been delayed till Friday.

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My P switch

Next review monday

For ff7 fans:


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RED ALERT 3 (PC Review)

Making one problem disappear and creating another.....

Red alert 3 is an RTS(real-time strategy game) and was made by Electronic Arts of Los Angeles. The game retails for approximately $39.99-$49.99 on pc and $59.99 on xbox360. The game is set in an alternate universe where there was never a World War II. The Soviets and the allies are fighting for supremacy and the Soviets are losing. The Soviets created a Time machine to go back in time and kill Einstein who created most of the technology for the Allies. this particular action causes history to change once again and bring to life the empire of the rising Sun.

Presentation: The game has pretty nice visuals as well as silly yet well done full motion videos which have all but died out. Very easy game to learn if you have never played it before and does require the use of some tactics. They do a good job of keeping the themes together and how each side works. each side has its own story that actually made me laugh a few times at the silliness. There is really not much else to say so I will move on.(9of9 Tails. A good presentation with good multiplayer)

Graphics: Everything in the game looks a lot like a 3D comic book with brilliant colors that are never dull. Everything looks very shiny and has nice color schematics to the different units. The water is what looks the best especially during naval warfare and all the different weaponry going off looks particularly nice. Although the graphics could be better they are still pretty good and nice to look at. (7of9Tails A few things still look generic and almost identical to older games. Like the Tesla coils for instance.)

Sound: The music flows pretty well with all the missions and does not get annoying. The sounds of the weaponry are pretty solid and not ridiculous sounding like in some games. It would have been cool to have a custom soundtrack option. (7of9 Tails. Music was just okay but nothing special to write home about.)

Replayability: it's fun to play through the single player missions and see the different stories that there are two complete. After the single player mission there is plenty of multiplayer things to do online. You can try out Co-op single player missions or you can skirmish against other players over the Internet. The multiplayer component of this game is where it excels at is the most fun if you enjoy online multiplayer games. If you don't, there's really not much to do after the single player missions.(8of9 Tails. Very enjoyable multiplayer but could use a few more modes of play.)

Controls: basically the same old real-time strategy controls from the previous red alert games. Only real difference is using your special unit ability with a hotkey. it has good controls for people that can only use the mouse or have limited mobility as you can do everything with only the mouse or six switches plus voice-recognition. it's a pretty good control scheme and really does not need to be changed. (8of9 Tails. Similar control scheme but it gets the job done in an enjoyable manner.)

Closing comments: Although this is a very fun game and everything is exceptional there are still a few problems with the game. For one, quite often I would find my units getting stuck in various locations because of terrible pathfinding. Also the fact that they use SecuROM and the fact you also only get five activities in some machine disgusts me. They need to come up with a better idea for security especially when the pirated versions do not ever have these things. I am glad that I could borrow this from a friend. Because of a few errors and sickening antipiracy policies to give this game. (6of9 Tails PC. 8of9 X360 Tails. PS3 version soon to be released. Excellent game if only five activations do not drive you crazy. This does not really apply to the Xbox 360 version.)

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new reviews coming shortly

I will have a couple more reviews ready by this Sunday to let everybody know, please stay tuned.

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The Chronicles of war

Animated war at its finest....

Valkyria chronicles is a tactical role-playing gamethat is made by Sega. It is set in a fictional country by the name of Gallia. It is more or less a story about a neutral nation caught in between two superpowers fighting over a precious resource. The best part about this game are the beautiful visuals and the use of tactics. The game retails for $59.99 give or take a huge dollars depending on the retailer.

Presentation: the game starts with a really nice montage of various scenes from the game that highlights some of the graphical features of the game. The opening screen is somewhat simplistic but gets the job done efficiently. When you start the game it goes right into the story and teaser a tutorial that is pretty spread out and does not seem tedious. The overall look is coherent throughout the entire game and does not change styles like I have seen in the past from other similar games. The pacing of the story is fairly well played out it does not seem to drag on. I like the idea that you're filling out kind of a newspaper that progresses the story after every story segment as well as tactical battle. Also when I found out that you could use either English or Japanese language tracks with or without subtitles made me feel really good. Also this is a good game for people who are deaf because you can turn on the subtitles with either track. (9of9 Tails. A very well-done presentation.)

Graphics: I found the graphics to be absolutely beautiful and very pleasant to the eyes for the most part. I did notice that sometimes when a tree was blowing in the wind the textures would look strange because of some clipping. One time when I was hiding under a tree the top looked like a couple of Lego bricks. Other than that particular glitch which was very rare, the graphics looked amazing. Sega is using what they referred to as the CANVAS graphics engine. This makes the world look like an artist painting come to life mixed with Japanese animation. (8of9 tails. Did not get a perfect score because of a couple graphical bugs.)

Sound: This was the only part of the game in which I thought the game was lacking. The music is good and fits the game pretty well. I was just not too fond of the sounds of the weapons in all honesty, I think they could have been better. The voice acting is pretty good on either track and does not get annoying whichever route you go. I personally prefer the Japanese track, that's not to say the English track was terrible either. (7of9 Tails. Other than the weapon sounds good audio overall.)

Replayability: You can try to get A rank on all battles,approach battles differently. Multiplayer would have been a nice touch and could have been awesome. The game will keep you busy for quite a bit of time. (7of9 Tails. There could have been multiplayer as well.)

Controls: The controls were made very easy which is a good thing. Menus are easy to access and find exactly what you need as it is very organized. The movement controls are very simple and enjoyable and when you go then you go into aim mode it freezes time and allows you to aim to increase your damage. Sometimes things that appear attackable end up having some invisible wall in the way. Although this is a rare occurrence it is still kind of annoying. (8of9 tails because of a few invisible glitch errors.)

Closing comments: Anybody who likes a good tactical game should check this out and anybody who likes role playing games in general. even though it is rock paper scissor mechanics it still has a great deal of strategy to it and is not too easy or too difficult. Worth playing. (8of9 Tails. Definitely worth checking out and only has minor flaws.)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wipeout HD is an antigravity racer $19.99 and is only available on the PlayStation network for download it currently has no disc version. The game is made by studio the pool and is the debut of the series on the PlayStation three. it is a high definition remix of content from the other games in the series and is supposed to feature downloadable content sometime in the future.

Presentation: You start up the game and are greeted with fairly simple menus and everything is very blue-and-white. The only thing different is the nicely designed ships that you select from. The statistics are fairly straight forward and decently varied to a degree of satisfaction. If what I have read is true the there are more cars and tracks to choose from. Everything was wonderful at 60 frames per second and in 1080 P. Although the menus are quite simple and the options are minimal the overall presentation and races are incredibly fun.

Graphics: Everything is presented in 1080 P. at 60 frames per second and looks absolutely fabulous. All of the tracks are very beautiful remixes of previous tracks in the series and even more enjoyable than before. Although the exact name escapes me right now.. one of the tracks has you racing in the sky and the clouds look amazing as well as the track skyline. there is another track which has you racing through the mountains and is very difficult for me but still enjoyable because of the things in the background and the overall layout of the racetrack. Overall everything looks great. 9of9 Tails even with the game toned down from its original build.

Sound: The music is pretty enjoyable and also allows for customized soundtracks of your own choosing. The engine thrust noise is pretty good and all the weapons have sounds suitable further functions. On my sound system I did not hear any feedback even when many different things were happening on screen. The voice they use for the announcements is pretty pleasing to the ears as well. I give the sound a perfect 9of9 Tails. Everything sounds like it is supposed to.

Replayability: There are a decent amount of things to unlock in this game and racing against other friends never gets old. You can compete online with other people in a single race or even a tournament. You can try to beat your race records as well as lap records. Also in the future there is supposed to be some downloadable content planned which will add more tracks as well as cars. For a racing game you could probably play this for many years and still not get tired of it. This game is a lot of fun if you truly enjoy racing games. This split screen racing is also a nice touch . 9of9 tails.

Controls: I really like the simplistic controls of the game that really consists of accelerate, air brakes, weapons and change camera view. It is very difficult for me to do the barrel roll maneuver which requires three successive movements of the digital pad. Other than that it is very easy to control once you get the hang of it but might be difficult for beginners to the series. I give it 8of9 only because it is not friendly to beginners or people who don't want to learn how to control the vehicle properly.

Closing comments: I could not find any flaws in the game when I was playing on my 47 inch 1080 P. widescreen television. Everything came out Crisp and was pleasing to the eyes. Everything sounds good and fits the mood, especially if you put in music tracks that you like. You can have races that are slow-paced all the way up to blazingly fast speeds. The variation in difficulty levels is also very noticeable and well done. I have a blast playing this with my friend and I only hate one level that I can think of. Decent amount of unlockables and I absolutely love the level that is in the sky because it looks incredibly beautiful for the entire track. 9of9 Tails. Studio Liverpool really outdid themselves this time and any racing fan should definitely check it out. For its price, this is a very good game and extremely good value.

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A small reminder

Wednesday night I will be reviewing Valkyria chronicles and Tuesday night will be wipeout HD.

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Sock puppet entertainment and a good change of pace from first-person shooters.

Little big planet is a highly customizable platformer which comes with a few premade levels which are similar to a kind of tutorial. Best selling point about this game is user generated content and the ability to share your creations. The game is developed by media molecule and published by Sony computer entertainment of America. Please enjoy this review.

Presentation: As soon as I put the disc into my machine I was greeted by sackboy installing the game to my PlayStation three. Everything is kept to its main theme of sackpeople and their adventures. It seems to be more lighthearted than anything else and is a welcome break from the constant shooting and violence of most other games. 9of9 ( definitely accomplished a family-friendly game that is fun for people of all ages.)

Graphics: After the somewhat bland installation screen my high-definition television was filled up with all kinds of vibrant colors almost instantly after words. Everything is beautiful and looks incredibly good on my screen. Even in the ''dark'' sections the colors standout on the screen. Some people may find the art style to be childish but it's actually very nice and a change of scenery from most games. I would have liked a different kind of looking water, other than that I enjoyed the graphics quite considerably. 9of9 tails.(very nice continuity of graphical theme. Just do not like the water. I'm just really picky about water graphics)

Sound: To me there was a lot of variety and some interesting noises which added to the overall enjoyment of the game. There is really not much else to say here other than the sound is great and enjoyable for the most part. The music is also decent. (8of9 Tails)

Replayability: To me this is one of those games that has a lot of replayability if you enjoy creating things and adventuring through other people's creations. you could easily spend many months on creating that perfect level for trying to show something fun to your friends. From my understanding you can create customized items for just about every purpose in this game. Once I get this for Christmas I will be busy crafting my levels. 9of9( strongest point of the game)

Controls: the actual gameplay is a simple jumping button , grab onto button and what is referred to as the popit up button. This simple control scheme works very nicely and makes it much more accessible to the disabled. The other buttons that are not required to allow you to move each arm individually with both joysticks. The six axis controls allow you to shake your head as well as your hips. Although I cannot use six axis features it's still amusing to watch others make use of the feature. In my opinion this game proves that simple controls are sometimes the best. (9of9 Tails. Very simple control scheme that anybody can pick up quickly and have a blast.)

Closing comments: Although it's not for everybody, everybody should give it a shot as it's a really fun game for anybody of any age. It's a simple game which allows you to make complex levels that are entertaining as well as loads of fun if you have a good designer. This game to me deserves a 9of9 Tails and is near gaming perfection just like MGS4)

please leave your comments as they are greatly appreciated.

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Adventures in the wasteland and leaving your parent's basement.

In case you might have not heard of fallout 3 , it is a action role-playing game made by Bethesda Studios and will be my second game review because rental LBP disc doesn't seem to be working at the moment.

Presentation: When I first started up the game I was greeted with old-style music to set the mood. Once I got into the game it was time to create my character.
one of the very first cutscenes is when you are ''born'' and do your character creation... such as creating your characters and overall appearance ,sex and giving yourself a name. then you basically go through a few different time periods of your character's life which is the tutorial. The overall look it is very consistent with the post-apocalyptic feel of the game. The opening presentationis done nicely. 9of9 tails.( extremely well done)

Graphics: everything looks really nice for the most part except for a few jaggy issues and to me the water would have used a little work. Other than those two minor issues I think the company did a wonderful job especially with the scope of the game. Also there was some occasional clipping. 8of9 Tails.

Sound: F inor the most part everything sounded close to how it should. Although I found some of the weapon sounds to be more than a little off. Other than that I really cannot complain. 8of9 Tails.

Replayability: When I play RPG's I generally try to beat the story as quickly as possible the first time through. Although I have only played through the first quarter there appears to be a lot of side quests and other things I have missed trying to complete the story in such a quick manner. Based on my speculation there is plenty to do and I will probably play through it multiple times in different manners. Overall it is a very enjoyable game and that is why I give it 9of9 Tails. ( lots of things to do and different ways to do them)

Controls: Movement is your basic fps setup and nothing groundbreaking. The fun part is using AP with your VATS. Enter in to VATS to freeze time and specifically aim at the different body parts of your enemies. Shoot them in the leg to slow down their running, their weapon hand to try and disarm them or even go for the head for maximum damage. I find the inventory system to be easy to manage and get rid of junk items. Basically it's a very comfortable control system and I can play the game relatively easily.

Closing comments: This is a wonderful masterpiece of the game and anybody who enjoys role playing games should definitely buy this. I have not enjoyed a rpg this much in a long time. I love the VATS shooting system more than anything that I have recently played. I have one complaint about the computer version to add in this article. Why is the mouse cursor so slow moving in the menus? I give this game 8.5 of 9 Tails overall. ( a few minor glitches prevented me from giving this a perfect score)

The review for Little big planet will be up Monday and I apologize for the delay.

I know it's not a review.... but interesting nonetheless!

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Review of mirrors edge

My first review ever with plenty of falling to my death!

Thank you and welcome to my gaming and anime review blog! Today I will be reviewing the game mirror's edge from DICE and EA. This was graciously donated to me by some of the Florida employees of electronic arts.

In case you have not heard of this highly anticipated video game... It's a story about the main character Faith's sister being framed for murder. It involves a lot of free running, disarming opponents and occasionally falling to your death!

Presentation: when I first started again I was introduced to a short tutorial on how to play the game which did not last any longer than necessary. Everything has a slightly oppressed look to it which is fitting to how the government is portrayed in this particular game. The controls are pretty smooth and allow for some fun runs. 7 of 9 tails.

Graphics: Although there are not usually that many colors on-screen at any given time it still comes off as a pretty nice art style. The cut scenes are using a kind of different art style that may not appeal to everybody. I found it to be not bad.... but not the greatest either. To me it's just a preference of art style that I think could have been better but is not necessarily bad. 7 of 9 tails.

Sound: When I played through the rooftop levels it really did sound a lot like a city, helicopter sounded especially good on my 500 W surround system. In the sewers you can hear the water drops and echoes well. gGunshot noises are decent but I have heard better. 8 of 9 Tails.

Replayability: This is a tough call for me. There is a time trial mode which allows you to separately compete against one another separately. It would be nice if you could have raced against other players at the same time. Other than that I am not really aware of anything else to do after beating the game besides trying to collect all the bags. 6 of 9 Tails.

Controls: In my opinion this is where the game excels the most. Everything in the game is very simple to do. one key for jump, one key for melee , one key for ducking , one that I refer to as the turn button, disarm button and an action button. There are a couple more buttons but they are not absolutely necessary to effectively play. Those who would be your "slow down time" button and your objectives button which is select. I have heard some people complain that you have to line up perfectly to accomplish anything. Tthis really is not true except for the springboard jumps which are not really that hard to line up with. I give this 9 of 9 Tails class I found the control set up to be very nice and enjoyable for me.

Closing comments: Overall this is a very entertaining game despite how short it is. I had a blast playing this game and still will for quite some time. I would absolutely recommend people who are unsure of whether or not they want to spend $60 for a 6-8 hour game to rent this and give it a shot. I am definitely happy that I have it. I have read this is planned to be a trilogy and hopefully they will add some more multiplayer features and possibly make the sequels longer. Overall score 7.5 f 9 Tails ( Not perfect, but a lot of fun nonetheless! I really recommend giving this title a good shot which it definitely deserves. )

All comments negative or positive are welcome. I really want to give everybody the best reviews possible!