Saturday, February 14, 2009

American football simulator.

• Pros: Adjustable difficulty, adjustable play style, clearly labeled and defined.

• Cons: No subtitles, Sometimes have to use both joysticks together, ranked matches can only be played with minimal assistance turned on.

Presentation: The game starts with Madden talking to you and explaining the simulator that measures your skill at playing football and adjust the difficulty to your skill level. You can choose to skip this step as it is not a necessity, but it may be worth doing, just so the game can adjust to your skills, and put you on a level playing field with those veteran Madden players. The opening music is very loud and attention grabbing and very fitting for an NFL game. It has a decent set of options and customization of your own players and team. Getting online is very simple and the lobbies are organized to a decent degree. It really gives you the mood of the NFL and is a wonderful experience. (8of9 Tails.)

Graphics:I find the graphics to be top notch for a football game and pleasing to the eyes. The animations are well done except for a few instances where they mysteriously speed up and look a bit funky. All the team details are well done and really shine on a high-definition television. The crowd graphics really could use a lot more work in my opinion and this is the only part of the game where the graphics look a little bit cheap. Even if this was in black and white it would be very enjoyable. Lots of visual cues help to understand what is going on in the game. (8of9 Tails.)

Sound: The music is wonderful and all the different sounds are clean and crisp. All the different hits and special moves have appropriate sounds for what is going on around you. It sounds just like you are at a stadium and enhances the experience of the game a great deal. There is commentary usually after every play as well as suggestions. I was not able to find an option for subtitles, so I am going to assume it is missing. The option would have been great for anybody who is deaf or hard of hearing, that said, you can easily play and enjoy the game without the sound. (7of9 Tails.) go to sleep

Controls: A majority of the gameplay is pretty straightforward and has visual cues that can be discerned whether or not you are colorblind. The only issue would be reading certain parts of the running plays, the colors to indicate routes may be hard to distinguish from the other routes. For the most part you can use the left joystick for just about everything. The only time you have to use the right joystick is too pull-off certain special moves. Although this makes adds more moves at your disposal, you can get away with not using the right joystick unless you are kicking a field goal or punting the ball. A switch interface with a regular PlayStation controller attached could make this very easy to play. (8of9 tTails.)

Replayability: As with most sports games this has a high replayability value. It's very easy to set up an online game and play with your other friends who have this game on the appropriate system. You can play your own creations over the Internet via an unranked match and just have fun in general. Also you can adjust the difficulty to your needs to give you more or less assistance. Although all ranked matches are sent to what I refer to as hard setting. Overall this game is worth spending the $60 on it and the only issues I see are framerate drops, very rare occurrences of hitching and even more rare occasions connecting to opponents..(8of9 Tails.)

Accessibility: The only people that will really miss anything from the game are folks that are colorblind, reading the plays may pose slight inconveniences, but if you're really into football and know the plays you will have no issues. The only other issue I could really see is if you are deaf you won't get to hear the commentary after the play is finished, this can sometimes be a blessing, because some of it is really insulting to your mad skills. It would have been nice if they had included a closed captioning option. This is a very minor issue and still worth purchasing if you're really into football. To me this is a very, but not perfectly accessible videogame to a majority of disabled and nondisabled players. (7 of 9 Tails.)

Closing comments: An excellent football simulator and quite a bit of fun. Although some of the players on the Internet are incredibly difficult to beat this is still fun. Fairly accessible but still slightly lacking in the Department of accessibility options. (7 and 1/2 tails of 9.)


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