Friday, February 20, 2009

Welcome to the brumak rodeo.

Welcome to the Brumak rodeo!

Pros: A fun story, Subtitled for nearly the entire game, The different difficulty levels vary from extremely easy to difficult, Horde mode and a very good co-op mode.

Cons: Lack of control customization, some battles require a lot of visual tracking and slightly weak multiplayer mode.

Presentation: The game starts off with a training mission to get you acquainted with the controls of the game and the main situation the characters are in. After playing through the training mission you're treated to a cut scene that shows how desperate the war has become and just how epic the war is. This cut scene is pretty good at setting the overall mood and I thought it was well done. (8 of 9 Tails.)

Graphics: For the most part everything looks polished and professionally done. I noticed in a few areas some of the water textures were a bit lower resolution and made it look kind of last generation. Animations are done well for the most part and come off as professional. I really enjoyed one of the particular levels were you fight your way from one end of a worm to the other to where you eventually escape. This level had some pretty interesting graphical features involved. (8 of 9 Tails.)

Sound: The sound effects were pretty average in my opinion. The music was above average and pleasing to the ears. Another nice feature is subtitled audio which will be explained more in the accessibility section. All in all the audio is a little bit above average in my opinion. (8 of 9 Tails.)

Gameplay: This has your typical first-person shooter set up with the addition of a cover button which allows you to take cover. The button configuration is the basic generic set up, but it still flows nicely. There is a major lack of control configuration is one of the major flaws of the game. (8 of 9 Tails.)

Replayability: After going through the game the first time you will more than likely have plenty of achievements to unlock in both single player and multiplayer modes. Although the multiplayer feels a lot like an afterthought it is still a considerable amount of fun. You have the usual multiplayer modes here along with the addition of horde mode. This particular mode pits a team of up to six players against wave after wave of increasing difficulty of enemies. You have to work together as a team if you hope to make it to the final wave. If you enjoyed the single player campaign you will be playing multiplayer for at least a few weeks. (9 of 9 Tails.)

Accessibility: The greatest thing I like about this particular game is the fact that 95% of it is subtitled by default. All the important story arcs and cut scenes are well subtitled and still allow you to get in the mood the story is trying to portray. For one handed players it may be difficult to move and use the right joystick to aim simultaneously. It is possible to just take cover and take your time aiming for 70% of the game. There is a lot of tracking multiple things on the screen at the same time. Tifhere are usually visual cues onscreen that are not only color-coded but also letter coded. Anybody who is color blindshould have no problem with the visual cues. (8 of 9 Tails.)

Closing comments: A very enjoyable gaming experience that is more accessible than most first person shooter games I've played. Although it could have been a lot more accessible in the area of alternative control semantics. If you're able to handle using both joysticks this game is accessible. For one handed players if you can get a hold of a switcha adapted controller made for you, your feet can take the place of one of the joysticks. (8 of 9 tails.)

One-Handed Friendly: 70 In situations that require you to move and precisely aim at the same time may prove slightly difficult to some players. Although from the one-handed players I have spoken to it is difficult but not impossible to to do this.
Alt Control Schemes:
Close Captioned: .99 Just about everything is close captioned and can be played without any sound. no real problems for players who want to enjoy this game.
Colorblind: 95 Everything is clearly communicated by letter coding..
Tracking Needs: 70 About 60% of the game can be played at a slow pace on the easy setting, only a few levels require massive amounts of visual tracking on-screen.
Playable Seated: 100 No issues.

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