Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sock puppet entertainment and a good change of pace from first-person shooters.

Little big planet is a highly customizable platformer which comes with a few premade levels which are similar to a kind of tutorial. Best selling point about this game is user generated content and the ability to share your creations. The game is developed by media molecule and published by Sony computer entertainment of America. Please enjoy this review.

Presentation: As soon as I put the disc into my machine I was greeted by sackboy installing the game to my PlayStation three. Everything is kept to its main theme of sackpeople and their adventures. It seems to be more lighthearted than anything else and is a welcome break from the constant shooting and violence of most other games. 9of9 ( definitely accomplished a family-friendly game that is fun for people of all ages.)

Graphics: After the somewhat bland installation screen my high-definition television was filled up with all kinds of vibrant colors almost instantly after words. Everything is beautiful and looks incredibly good on my screen. Even in the ''dark'' sections the colors standout on the screen. Some people may find the art style to be childish but it's actually very nice and a change of scenery from most games. I would have liked a different kind of looking water, other than that I enjoyed the graphics quite considerably. 9of9 tails.(very nice continuity of graphical theme. Just do not like the water. I'm just really picky about water graphics)

Sound: To me there was a lot of variety and some interesting noises which added to the overall enjoyment of the game. There is really not much else to say here other than the sound is great and enjoyable for the most part. The music is also decent. (8of9 Tails)

Replayability: To me this is one of those games that has a lot of replayability if you enjoy creating things and adventuring through other people's creations. you could easily spend many months on creating that perfect level for trying to show something fun to your friends. From my understanding you can create customized items for just about every purpose in this game. Once I get this for Christmas I will be busy crafting my levels. 9of9( strongest point of the game)

Controls: the actual gameplay is a simple jumping button , grab onto button and what is referred to as the popit up button. This simple control scheme works very nicely and makes it much more accessible to the disabled. The other buttons that are not required to allow you to move each arm individually with both joysticks. The six axis controls allow you to shake your head as well as your hips. Although I cannot use six axis features it's still amusing to watch others make use of the feature. In my opinion this game proves that simple controls are sometimes the best. (9of9 Tails. Very simple control scheme that anybody can pick up quickly and have a blast.)

Closing comments: Although it's not for everybody, everybody should give it a shot as it's a really fun game for anybody of any age. It's a simple game which allows you to make complex levels that are entertaining as well as loads of fun if you have a good designer. This game to me deserves a 9of9 Tails and is near gaming perfection just like MGS4)

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