Friday, November 14, 2008

Review of mirrors edge

My first review ever with plenty of falling to my death!

Thank you and welcome to my gaming and anime review blog! Today I will be reviewing the game mirror's edge from DICE and EA. This was graciously donated to me by some of the Florida employees of electronic arts.

In case you have not heard of this highly anticipated video game... It's a story about the main character Faith's sister being framed for murder. It involves a lot of free running, disarming opponents and occasionally falling to your death!

Presentation: when I first started again I was introduced to a short tutorial on how to play the game which did not last any longer than necessary. Everything has a slightly oppressed look to it which is fitting to how the government is portrayed in this particular game. The controls are pretty smooth and allow for some fun runs. 7 of 9 tails.

Graphics: Although there are not usually that many colors on-screen at any given time it still comes off as a pretty nice art style. The cut scenes are using a kind of different art style that may not appeal to everybody. I found it to be not bad.... but not the greatest either. To me it's just a preference of art style that I think could have been better but is not necessarily bad. 7 of 9 tails.

Sound: When I played through the rooftop levels it really did sound a lot like a city, helicopter sounded especially good on my 500 W surround system. In the sewers you can hear the water drops and echoes well. gGunshot noises are decent but I have heard better. 8 of 9 Tails.

Replayability: This is a tough call for me. There is a time trial mode which allows you to separately compete against one another separately. It would be nice if you could have raced against other players at the same time. Other than that I am not really aware of anything else to do after beating the game besides trying to collect all the bags. 6 of 9 Tails.

Controls: In my opinion this is where the game excels the most. Everything in the game is very simple to do. one key for jump, one key for melee , one key for ducking , one that I refer to as the turn button, disarm button and an action button. There are a couple more buttons but they are not absolutely necessary to effectively play. Those who would be your "slow down time" button and your objectives button which is select. I have heard some people complain that you have to line up perfectly to accomplish anything. Tthis really is not true except for the springboard jumps which are not really that hard to line up with. I give this 9 of 9 Tails class I found the control set up to be very nice and enjoyable for me.

Closing comments: Overall this is a very entertaining game despite how short it is. I had a blast playing this game and still will for quite some time. I would absolutely recommend people who are unsure of whether or not they want to spend $60 for a 6-8 hour game to rent this and give it a shot. I am definitely happy that I have it. I have read this is planned to be a trilogy and hopefully they will add some more multiplayer features and possibly make the sequels longer. Overall score 7.5 f 9 Tails ( Not perfect, but a lot of fun nonetheless! I really recommend giving this title a good shot which it definitely deserves. )

All comments negative or positive are welcome. I really want to give everybody the best reviews possible!


  1. great review, i liked the fact that you provided your honest opinion about the game. sounds interesting, looking forward to playing this game.

  2. Awesome review man, keep it up... BTW review Fallout 3, please?

  3. all of them will be reviewed eventually. wasn't sure which one to do next. I promise I won't forget any game. Going to try and review nearly every game I can get my hands on it :-)

  4. Great blog Jason. By the way - are you playing these games with all digital controls? It would be good to hear how this affects play if so in each game.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. That's not entirely correct. You have the left joystick and the right joystick from a regular PlayStation two controller position in front of my mouth that work like normal and I use my time to move them. Also I have jacks for each direction of the joysticks as well. For example I use the four switches on my feet usually as the left analog joystick. But for instance in games like metal gear solid four I will use the left joystick with my tounge and make the right analog joystick into the switches on my feet. I still manage to efficiently aim in that configuration. Every game I play I configure my switches in a different arrangement. Does that answer your question clearly ?

  6. I meant to say tounge when I said time. I have the option of using the joystick as 100% Digital signal or as a regular joystick without switches using my tongue.

  7. Thanks Kit, I was curious as I didn't see any analogue controls.

    I'm guessing if games allowed you to reconfigure controls then save and auto-load the setting - it would be a lot more convenient for you?

    Have you heard of the IGDA's GASIG group (Game Accessibility Special Interest Group)?

  8. Cannot say that I have. it would be nice to be able to reconfigure every button in every game so I don't have to constantly rearrange my switches. The two joysticks are right in front of my mouth I will put up a picture of it later tomorrow. My most recent review is one day late sorry about that. What does the group do ?

  9. They campaign for greater accessibility in games (such as for developers to add reconfigurable control options). Be great to have you on board.

    Their blog is here:

    And you can join their e-mailing list here:

  10. To join the e-mailing list alond - cut and paste this address into your browser and follow the instructions:

    To join the IGDA for fuller privledges see here:

    Be great to have you on board.

    By the way - seen this?

  11. Okay I signed up and game critics doesn't seem to work?