Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wipeout HD is an antigravity racer $19.99 and is only available on the PlayStation network for download it currently has no disc version. The game is made by studio the pool and is the debut of the series on the PlayStation three. it is a high definition remix of content from the other games in the series and is supposed to feature downloadable content sometime in the future.

Presentation: You start up the game and are greeted with fairly simple menus and everything is very blue-and-white. The only thing different is the nicely designed ships that you select from. The statistics are fairly straight forward and decently varied to a degree of satisfaction. If what I have read is true the there are more cars and tracks to choose from. Everything was wonderful at 60 frames per second and in 1080 P. Although the menus are quite simple and the options are minimal the overall presentation and races are incredibly fun.

Graphics: Everything is presented in 1080 P. at 60 frames per second and looks absolutely fabulous. All of the tracks are very beautiful remixes of previous tracks in the series and even more enjoyable than before. Although the exact name escapes me right now.. one of the tracks has you racing in the sky and the clouds look amazing as well as the track skyline. there is another track which has you racing through the mountains and is very difficult for me but still enjoyable because of the things in the background and the overall layout of the racetrack. Overall everything looks great. 9of9 Tails even with the game toned down from its original build.

Sound: The music is pretty enjoyable and also allows for customized soundtracks of your own choosing. The engine thrust noise is pretty good and all the weapons have sounds suitable further functions. On my sound system I did not hear any feedback even when many different things were happening on screen. The voice they use for the announcements is pretty pleasing to the ears as well. I give the sound a perfect 9of9 Tails. Everything sounds like it is supposed to.

Replayability: There are a decent amount of things to unlock in this game and racing against other friends never gets old. You can compete online with other people in a single race or even a tournament. You can try to beat your race records as well as lap records. Also in the future there is supposed to be some downloadable content planned which will add more tracks as well as cars. For a racing game you could probably play this for many years and still not get tired of it. This game is a lot of fun if you truly enjoy racing games. This split screen racing is also a nice touch . 9of9 tails.

Controls: I really like the simplistic controls of the game that really consists of accelerate, air brakes, weapons and change camera view. It is very difficult for me to do the barrel roll maneuver which requires three successive movements of the digital pad. Other than that it is very easy to control once you get the hang of it but might be difficult for beginners to the series. I give it 8of9 only because it is not friendly to beginners or people who don't want to learn how to control the vehicle properly.

Closing comments: I could not find any flaws in the game when I was playing on my 47 inch 1080 P. widescreen television. Everything came out Crisp and was pleasing to the eyes. Everything sounds good and fits the mood, especially if you put in music tracks that you like. You can have races that are slow-paced all the way up to blazingly fast speeds. The variation in difficulty levels is also very noticeable and well done. I have a blast playing this with my friend and I only hate one level that I can think of. Decent amount of unlockables and I absolutely love the level that is in the sky because it looks incredibly beautiful for the entire track. 9of9 Tails. Studio Liverpool really outdid themselves this time and any racing fan should definitely check it out. For its price, this is a very good game and extremely good value.

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