Saturday, November 15, 2008

Adventures in the wasteland and leaving your parent's basement.

In case you might have not heard of fallout 3 , it is a action role-playing game made by Bethesda Studios and will be my second game review because rental LBP disc doesn't seem to be working at the moment.

Presentation: When I first started up the game I was greeted with old-style music to set the mood. Once I got into the game it was time to create my character.
one of the very first cutscenes is when you are ''born'' and do your character creation... such as creating your characters and overall appearance ,sex and giving yourself a name. then you basically go through a few different time periods of your character's life which is the tutorial. The overall look it is very consistent with the post-apocalyptic feel of the game. The opening presentationis done nicely. 9of9 tails.( extremely well done)

Graphics: everything looks really nice for the most part except for a few jaggy issues and to me the water would have used a little work. Other than those two minor issues I think the company did a wonderful job especially with the scope of the game. Also there was some occasional clipping. 8of9 Tails.

Sound: F inor the most part everything sounded close to how it should. Although I found some of the weapon sounds to be more than a little off. Other than that I really cannot complain. 8of9 Tails.

Replayability: When I play RPG's I generally try to beat the story as quickly as possible the first time through. Although I have only played through the first quarter there appears to be a lot of side quests and other things I have missed trying to complete the story in such a quick manner. Based on my speculation there is plenty to do and I will probably play through it multiple times in different manners. Overall it is a very enjoyable game and that is why I give it 9of9 Tails. ( lots of things to do and different ways to do them)

Controls: Movement is your basic fps setup and nothing groundbreaking. The fun part is using AP with your VATS. Enter in to VATS to freeze time and specifically aim at the different body parts of your enemies. Shoot them in the leg to slow down their running, their weapon hand to try and disarm them or even go for the head for maximum damage. I find the inventory system to be easy to manage and get rid of junk items. Basically it's a very comfortable control system and I can play the game relatively easily.

Closing comments: This is a wonderful masterpiece of the game and anybody who enjoys role playing games should definitely buy this. I have not enjoyed a rpg this much in a long time. I love the VATS shooting system more than anything that I have recently played. I have one complaint about the computer version to add in this article. Why is the mouse cursor so slow moving in the menus? I give this game 8.5 of 9 Tails overall. ( a few minor glitches prevented me from giving this a perfect score)

The review for Little big planet will be up Monday and I apologize for the delay.

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