Saturday, November 22, 2008

RED ALERT 3 (PC Review)

Making one problem disappear and creating another.....

Red alert 3 is an RTS(real-time strategy game) and was made by Electronic Arts of Los Angeles. The game retails for approximately $39.99-$49.99 on pc and $59.99 on xbox360. The game is set in an alternate universe where there was never a World War II. The Soviets and the allies are fighting for supremacy and the Soviets are losing. The Soviets created a Time machine to go back in time and kill Einstein who created most of the technology for the Allies. this particular action causes history to change once again and bring to life the empire of the rising Sun.

Presentation: The game has pretty nice visuals as well as silly yet well done full motion videos which have all but died out. Very easy game to learn if you have never played it before and does require the use of some tactics. They do a good job of keeping the themes together and how each side works. each side has its own story that actually made me laugh a few times at the silliness. There is really not much else to say so I will move on.(9of9 Tails. A good presentation with good multiplayer)

Graphics: Everything in the game looks a lot like a 3D comic book with brilliant colors that are never dull. Everything looks very shiny and has nice color schematics to the different units. The water is what looks the best especially during naval warfare and all the different weaponry going off looks particularly nice. Although the graphics could be better they are still pretty good and nice to look at. (7of9Tails A few things still look generic and almost identical to older games. Like the Tesla coils for instance.)

Sound: The music flows pretty well with all the missions and does not get annoying. The sounds of the weaponry are pretty solid and not ridiculous sounding like in some games. It would have been cool to have a custom soundtrack option. (7of9 Tails. Music was just okay but nothing special to write home about.)

Replayability: it's fun to play through the single player missions and see the different stories that there are two complete. After the single player mission there is plenty of multiplayer things to do online. You can try out Co-op single player missions or you can skirmish against other players over the Internet. The multiplayer component of this game is where it excels at is the most fun if you enjoy online multiplayer games. If you don't, there's really not much to do after the single player missions.(8of9 Tails. Very enjoyable multiplayer but could use a few more modes of play.)

Controls: basically the same old real-time strategy controls from the previous red alert games. Only real difference is using your special unit ability with a hotkey. it has good controls for people that can only use the mouse or have limited mobility as you can do everything with only the mouse or six switches plus voice-recognition. it's a pretty good control scheme and really does not need to be changed. (8of9 Tails. Similar control scheme but it gets the job done in an enjoyable manner.)

Closing comments: Although this is a very fun game and everything is exceptional there are still a few problems with the game. For one, quite often I would find my units getting stuck in various locations because of terrible pathfinding. Also the fact that they use SecuROM and the fact you also only get five activities in some machine disgusts me. They need to come up with a better idea for security especially when the pirated versions do not ever have these things. I am glad that I could borrow this from a friend. Because of a few errors and sickening antipiracy policies to give this game. (6of9 Tails PC. 8of9 X360 Tails. PS3 version soon to be released. Excellent game if only five activations do not drive you crazy. This does not really apply to the Xbox 360 version.)

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