Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Chronicles of war

Animated war at its finest....

Valkyria chronicles is a tactical role-playing gamethat is made by Sega. It is set in a fictional country by the name of Gallia. It is more or less a story about a neutral nation caught in between two superpowers fighting over a precious resource. The best part about this game are the beautiful visuals and the use of tactics. The game retails for $59.99 give or take a huge dollars depending on the retailer.

Presentation: the game starts with a really nice montage of various scenes from the game that highlights some of the graphical features of the game. The opening screen is somewhat simplistic but gets the job done efficiently. When you start the game it goes right into the story and teaser a tutorial that is pretty spread out and does not seem tedious. The overall look is coherent throughout the entire game and does not change styles like I have seen in the past from other similar games. The pacing of the story is fairly well played out it does not seem to drag on. I like the idea that you're filling out kind of a newspaper that progresses the story after every story segment as well as tactical battle. Also when I found out that you could use either English or Japanese language tracks with or without subtitles made me feel really good. Also this is a good game for people who are deaf because you can turn on the subtitles with either track. (9of9 Tails. A very well-done presentation.)

Graphics: I found the graphics to be absolutely beautiful and very pleasant to the eyes for the most part. I did notice that sometimes when a tree was blowing in the wind the textures would look strange because of some clipping. One time when I was hiding under a tree the top looked like a couple of Lego bricks. Other than that particular glitch which was very rare, the graphics looked amazing. Sega is using what they referred to as the CANVAS graphics engine. This makes the world look like an artist painting come to life mixed with Japanese animation. (8of9 tails. Did not get a perfect score because of a couple graphical bugs.)

Sound: This was the only part of the game in which I thought the game was lacking. The music is good and fits the game pretty well. I was just not too fond of the sounds of the weapons in all honesty, I think they could have been better. The voice acting is pretty good on either track and does not get annoying whichever route you go. I personally prefer the Japanese track, that's not to say the English track was terrible either. (7of9 Tails. Other than the weapon sounds good audio overall.)

Replayability: You can try to get A rank on all battles,approach battles differently. Multiplayer would have been a nice touch and could have been awesome. The game will keep you busy for quite a bit of time. (7of9 Tails. There could have been multiplayer as well.)

Controls: The controls were made very easy which is a good thing. Menus are easy to access and find exactly what you need as it is very organized. The movement controls are very simple and enjoyable and when you go then you go into aim mode it freezes time and allows you to aim to increase your damage. Sometimes things that appear attackable end up having some invisible wall in the way. Although this is a rare occurrence it is still kind of annoying. (8of9 tails because of a few invisible glitch errors.)

Closing comments: Anybody who likes a good tactical game should check this out and anybody who likes role playing games in general. even though it is rock paper scissor mechanics it still has a great deal of strategy to it and is not too easy or too difficult. Worth playing. (8of9 Tails. Definitely worth checking out and only has minor flaws.)

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