Thursday, November 27, 2008

this seems Oddly familiar...

Hack n Slash + Sniping catgirl = fun

Heavenly sword is a PlayStation three exclusive and was developed by ninja theory and distributed by Sony computer entertainment of America. It was released in September of 2007. you can get it for anywhere from $25- $50 depending on where you shop.

Presentation: The game starts towards the end of the game for over two minutes and then goes into a scene that eventually leads to the beginning of the game. It explains the story fairly well in the opening chapters. Everything looks great and sounds great for the most part. decent voice acting except for a couple characters which come off as annoying but it's fitting to their character. overall a good presentation of the story and overall art style. (8of9 tails.)

Graphics: From the very beginning of the game the graphics look superb minus a few issues with jagged edges in a couple scenes. Although there are some simple environments during certain points in the game they look wonderful. The lighting and the objects look like they should and are generally shiny. The beginning of the second chapter with the waterfalls looks exceptionally nice. Overall the graphics are generally superb and quite enjoyable even when there are jaggies. (8of9 Tails. Very minor graphic bugs)

Sound: The sounds are pretty generic and really nothing to write home about. Everything sounds like you would think it would all be it generic. The music is nice and very fitting to the overall theme of the storyline. (7of9 Tails. fairly generic sound with great music.)

Replayability: Once you complete the game there is really not much else to do afterwards other than try to unlock all the artwork. Would have been nice to have some kind of a multiplayer feature or some kind of co-op set of missions to do. This is the weak point of the game and the only thing that really is a major drawback to purchasing it. It's a definite rental for sure and if possible buy. (6of9 Tails. No real replayability)

Controls: The controls are pretty basic but enjoyable to use nonetheless. everything is pretty much configured in a way that requires not that much effort to master. I found counterattacks to be easy to pull off as well as using the digital pad for controlling the after-touch effect. It's a good thing that the six axis functions were optional and not forced upon the user. This makes the game a lot more accessible to disabled gamers. You can get away with using only the right analog stick and d-pad. The difficulty is not too hard nor is it too easy. I absolutely love the control scheme to this game and find it to be extremely accessible. 9of9 Tails. Excellent control scheme)

Closing comments: Heavenly sword is a great game and everybody should play it at least once or you would be doing yourselfa great disservice. The visuals are top-notch and quite pleasing to the eyes. I think the voice work was excellent and better than most games I have recently experienced. Soundtrack is fitting to the overall theme of the game and enjoyable. I can't say that it is a definite buy but it is a definite rental to see if you like it enough to buy it. (7.5of9 Tails. Not the greatest game ever been made but it is a great game overall. Definitely worth checking out.)

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  1. Very well done review once again. I thought this was a very good game myself and is worth checking out. Keep em' coming man!